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Energetic balance



It comes from Yin/Yang balance, and this dynamic interaction provoks movements and changes in a person and in nature.
The energy which comes from earth goes up by your feet to reach the sky through your fingers,is called Yin and has a growing movement.
The energy which comes from sky,goes down toward earth by the opposite way, is called Yang and has a movement of concentration.
An excessive quantity of yin or yang is a sign ofan energetic unbalance.
The energetic balance between yin and yang permits a good circulation of the energy,help you to stay in a good health and to avoid the birth of diseases caused mainly by stress.


For a better understanding, let's take an example :
The tree trunk, branches and leaves are a yin expression (rising strenght).
Roots are a yang expression (downward strenght).
Another example concerning water :
Ice is yin expression.
Water steam is yang expression.